In today’s competitive environment, mobile marketing presents a game-changing opportunity for retail, travel, entertainment, and all customer-facing businesses to drive more personalized, impacting marketing and loyalty efforts.

Businesses can engage, interact, and socialize with customers the way they want to be reached – a critical foundation for acquiring new, profitable and loyal customers. Mobile penetration in Canada is at 102.4% so consumers can receive the communications be it text, email or voice—on one device, taking it everywhere they go.  According to a recent survey, 50% of consumers currently use their mobile devices for shopping purposes.

Punch Mobility enables brands, retailers, and marketers to acquire new customers through  Multi-Channel Campaigns to maximize customer response and includes the following capabilities:

Campaign Integration

Add mobile to your current campaigns to enhance consumer response rates and call-to-actions.

Consumer Contact

Reach a wider audience with an interactive medium in the palm of consumers’ hands.

Acquisition Costs

Mobile makes your direct marketing dollars work harder.

Mobile Advertising

Position brand messaging on the mobile device.

Customer Interaction

Connect with customers no matter where they are via an interactive medium that is always on.

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