How to Profit from a Mobile Marketing Strategy

punch Mobility mobile marketing strategyProfiting from a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile marketing can bring in traffic resulting in more customers and profits for your business. This is an underutilized resource. A rise is expected in people using their mobile devices to reach the internet.

Engagement with your customers is more intimate on a mobile device because it is more personalized. Crafting a relationship with customers is not necessarily about sending them as much as you can. It’s about creating an experience through mobile-friendly websites and applications to reach out directly to your audience.

Always growing, the amount of people owning mobile devices have already overtaken the amount of laptop and computer owners. More than 4 billion people around the globe have a cell phone. This is almost five times more than computer owners! This is one of the greatest reasons to join the mobile game.

Surveys indicate that mobile users want to be able to purchase products and services through their mobile devices. This is happening all over the world, too. BuzzCity assessed 1,798 mobile users throughout the Americas, Asia, Africa, Western Europe and the Middle East. They discovered that 90% of respondents had, at some point, bought something online through their mobile device.

“The State of Marketing 2010,” released by Unica, explored a survey of marketers around the world. The study found that almost half of those surveyed have adopted social media marketing in their strategies. This is true for almost all social channels across the board, but marketers need to combine social media with their strategies, not focus on it.

Although mobile marketing is taking the world by storm, it is still a new idea. Mobile marketing can be seen when businesses and customers communicate on or with a mobile device. Currently, over 30% of marketers who have been surveyed are using at least one form of mobile marketing.

Needless to say, mobile advertisements have increased over the past few years. Mobile has a long way to go to catch up with internet advertising, however, which has surpassed television. As mobile devices continue to grow in popularity, the Mobile Marketing Association has confidence in mobile marketing prospering.

Over the next few years, mobile marketing will skyrocket. Now is the time to become involved while competition is still low before other businesses realize the significant impact mobile devices create.

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