I Don’t Need a Mobile App, I Already Have a Website

mobile-app-vs-mobile-web1I Don’t Need a Mobile App, I Already Have a Website.

This has been an objection that I have often heard from business owners that I thought it would be important to discuss on how they actually differentiate from each other.

Although a mobile app may resemble a website on a mobile device, they serve two very different purposes, and function quite differently.

In most cases, small business websites are essentially used to create credibility, offer information, and some will be used to sell products directly through e-commerce.

A website relies on traffic by which a visitor will browse though, and unless engaging in a direct action such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter etc, will eventually leave and possibly visit a competitor’s site. The opportunity for re-engagement with the visitor, or potential customer is lost.

A mobile marketing app is all about branding and about direct interaction and communication designed to build loyalty with current customers and acquiring new customers.

A mobile app, remains on the user’s smartphone, and is therefore ideal for frequent and repeated use. Users can directly contact a business at all times, have direct access to information at the tap of a button, take advantage of built in loyalty coupons, share the app through social media boosting your presence, and most importantly, remain engaged with your business.

In a nutshell, Websites are a more passive form of marketing, while the mobile app is a more proactive marketing tool that increases user engagement.

This is just a generalization of the differences, as I am just scratching the surface with the possibilities of mobile app marketing. There are many more features, functions and strategies, that make mobile apps the most potent and effective marketing medium that exists today.

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