With today’s consumer belonging to more than 18 loyalty programs, brands are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves. Allow consumers to access, track and manage your loyalty program on their mobile device utilizing Punch mobility’s mobile marketing services. Punch Mobility helps brands mobilize their loyalty programs with the following capabilities:

Multi-Channel Communications

(Mobile apps , push notifications, QR codes, Mobile web optimization, e-mail)

Maximize consumers “earn and burn” purchase behavior in real-time.

Loyalty Notifications

Deliver loyalty points alerts. Ensure consumers utilize points before expiration or reaching new entitlement milestones.

Coupons, Promotions and Alerts

Deliver tailored messages to your consumers.

Behavioral Decisioning

Improve communications strategies by understanding past behavior.

Loyalty and CRM Integration

Seamlessly deploy, track and measure consumer communications via Punch Mobility’s Web Services

Preference Management

Ensure that campaigns delivered over the right channel, are relevant, timely and personalized.

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