Mobile Marketing Benefits

Benefits of mobile marketing

Pros of Mobile Marketing

Instant results

Users nowadays carry their mobile phones almost 24/7, and their phones are usually turned on most of the time as well. This means that the person receives your messages or ” push notifications” the moment they are sent. Even if the mobile device is on standby mode, the message will be received the instant the phone is turned back on. Therefore unlike any other traditional marketing methods, mobile marketing is an instant medium for reaching out to a customer base.

Very Easy to Employ

Creating marketing content for mobile devices is very easy to implement. Therefore sending a text message, image or video promotion is much easier and less expensive than compared to desktops.

It is also much easier to issue promotions, coupons and other marketing incentives to the user on a mobile platform. Another great advantage is the that your promotions or incentive will be carried around in the user’s mobile device thus allowing him/ her to access your information at any time and convenience.

Convenient to Use

Do to a smaller screen size, the user is limited to what can be viewed on the display. For creators of the content, this make is much more convenient in regards to keeping the message simple and concise. Due to different screen sizes and displays, a simpler content will better adapt itself in the mobile medium.

Direct Interactive Marketing

The mobile marketing platform allows for direct interaction with users. Therefore creating personalized interaction is one of the extremely powerful facets of mobile marketing. Marketers are starting to use the mobile medium for direct dialog creating instant feedback with users via text messaging.


The beauty of mobile marketing is that user response can be tracked instantaneously. This helps the mobile marketer better understand and analyze user behavior, thus improving their own standards of service.

Huge Viral Potential

Mobile marketing has also proven to have enormous viral benefits. When a marketing message is sent , users will often share your offer with friends and family, and also spread the word on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This can create huge response rates and enhance your brand recognition with no extra effort.

Unsaturated Market

As of today, still only a small percentage of businesses engage in the power of mobile marketing, thus leaving a hugely untapped market to explore.  Therefore your customers are not fatigued with excess exposure to mobile offers and promotions. The novelty is still there and will be for some time. What this means for your business is that you will have a huge advantage over your competition.

Mobile Payment

With the emergence of various mobile payment systems, currency transactions are becoming common place on the mobile platform. This enables users to pay for goods and services directly from an application on their phone making secured purchase transactions incredible easy and convenient. Mobile phones are being transformed into virtual wallets.

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