Mobile Marketing in a World Gone Mobile

girls using smart phoneEach day we see people using their mobile phones. Currently, there are more consumers reaching the internet through these mobile devices compared to a computer. Websites that are mobile-friendly provide smooth online surfing. Apps, QR codes and push notifications tremendously simplify consumer communication and task performance.

Mobile marketing is the best way to infiltrate these fantastic little devices. We have seen a rapid 500% rise in the use of mobile devices since 2010. Over 50% of online searches for local businesses are conducted on a mobile device.

Because of mobile marketing, businesses can connect with target consumers at any time and anywhere. The devices bring your message directly to the consumer as soon as you send it out through push notifications from an app. Similarly, your mobile-friendly website allows for consumers to see your message right away.

Sweetening the idea of mobile marketing is cost. Punch Mobility allows your business to create its own app at a relatively low cost. Once created, a push notification is only a matter of typing the message and pressing send and it can reach every subscriber instantly. Consider the time and money you have been wasting on traditional marketing without the assurance that people will indeed see your efforts.

Taking your content to the next level, your subscribers can easily share your message with friends and family through email, social media or text message. Take a moment to think about how much farther your message will reach at no cost to you. Subscribers are backing up your company and recruiting new customers and all you had to do was press a few buttons.

Mobile marketing can also be recorded. You can keep an eye on how many are downloading your app. Through this feature you can learn what is working in your mobile campaigns and what is not. You can see to which messages consumers respond most and open most.

These mobile devices are only gaining more traction and popularity as time passes. The sooner you realize this, the sooner your business can profit from mobile marketing capabilities and give the consumers what they want.

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