Restaurant Benefits of Mobile Marketing

retsaurant mobile marketing appsRestaurant Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Print coupons are a thing of the past. Today, restaurants need mobile marketing to bring in more customers and improve profits. Here are some benefits of mobile marketing in the restaurant setting.

1. Coupons

Although print coupons aren’t as useful, mobile coupons see a 1,000% higher rate of purchase and cost less to produce, according to Mobile app coupons are cost effective because they do not need to be laid out and printed. Give consumers various deals to reach out to new and old customers. Offer a buy one, get one free or a percentage off for those that like to save. Or entice someone to try something new by offering a free side item when they purchase an entree.

2. Delivery

Push notifications or SMS messaging can be delivered at certain times of the day. For instance, to reach the crowd, a restaurant could send out a message right before the lunch hour or dinner time when people are contemplating where to eat.

3. Rewards

Customers want to come back if you reward them. Similar to the punch card, you can have a rewards program incorporated into your mobile app.  Without the cost of printing and layout, as with the paper coupons, you will not need to spend much to implement the program. Because the consumer will have their mobile device with them, they are much less likely to lose their rewards, making the program more efficient, too.

4. Focus

Through the response of consumers activating your coupons, you will be able to access those consumers engaging in your mobile campaigns. These are the people who will offer you their information willingly. Marketers spend millions annually to access that information.

5. Presence

Even when you are closed, you should be available to customers. Adding a QR code to your storefront or on a sign on your website will allow them to visit you even when the lights are off.

6. Communication

Using mobile marketing as a two-way conversation rather than the traditional one to many will give you great response. A quick and easy satisfaction survey will show customers that you value their opinion and want them to be a part of your restaurant. Ask your customers what kinds of coupons and rewards they would like to see. Then listen and implement their ideas.

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