Starbucks Fights Government Shutdown with Mobile Campaign

Starbucks makes Mobile cornerstone of multichannel political campaign

starbucks-mobileGiving mobile a jolt
Starbucks continues to make mobile a focal point of its marketing with a new multichannel campaign to drum up support in ending the government shutdown.

Last week, Starbucks launched a digital campaign spanning mobile, Web and social to drive petition sign-ups to end the conflict in Washington called Come Together. Mobile consistently plays a role in the brand’s marketing efforts, and the decision to use SMS for this campaign is likely to reach as many consumers as possible to drive sign-ups.

“SMS is an excellent way for Starbucks to drive sign-up for this initiative,” said Cezar Kolodziej, CEO/president of Iris Mobile, Chicago.

“The large majority of Starbucks customers know how to interact with the brand via text, and the barrier for entry is much lower than via call, email or other channels,” he said.

Mr. Kolodziej is not affiliated with Starbucks. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

Starbucks did not respond to press inquiries.

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Starbucks also created a microsite at where consumers can learn more about the petition and add their names to the list.

To stay up to date on the status of Starbucks’ process with Washington, consumers can either sign up for alerts via email or SMS.

The SMS portion of the campaign is clearly highlighted on the microsite with a call-to-action below that prompts consumers to text the keyword JOIN to 20757.

Once the message is sent, consumers are sent back a reply message notifying them that their support has been added to the petition.

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