Why Mobile Marketing ?

hands-with-devicesMobile Has Gone Global.

Today everywhere we go, we see people using their mobile phones on a daily basis. There are now more people accessing the web for products and services on tablets and smart phones than those using a PC. Mobile optimized websites make for easy web browsing , while apps, QR codes, and push notifications have simplified the way we perform tasks.

This all falls under 1 main category: mobile marketing. Since 2010 mobile usage has increased by over 500%, which  currently results in over 50% of all local online searches are done on mobile devices.

Which such staggering statistics, savvy marketers have realized the enormous potential and decided that it’s one of the best ways to reach their target audience—and they’re right. Today, mobile marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience, and it also has other benefits.

It’s Instantaneous

Mobile marketing makes it possible to reach your audience at all times regardless of where they are. Whether they’re sitting at home or riding public transit, their use of a mobile device puts your message in their hands instantaneously. With app marketing, using direct push notifications, your message will arrive on your customer’s mobile devices right after you send it. If you have your site optimized for web, your message will be available to your audience the minute they come across your site. No matter where they are, your message is right there with them.

It’s Simple

The beauty of mobile marketing with apps is that it is incredibly fast and easy to notify your customer base about a particular promotion or message. There are no expensive traditional ad campaigns, such as mailing out fliers, and for paying newspaper , radio or television advertising. All one has to do is type out the message they want and push a button. Their message or promotion will automatically be sent out to their entire customer base in an instant.

It Has Now Become Incredibly Affordable.

Punch Mobility now makes it extremely affordable to have your own highly functional customized app. With an app, it is just a matter of typing out your message or promotion sent to your entire customer base in an instant simply with the push of a button. This is incredibly powerful marketing without the huge expense and time it takes for traditional marketing methods.

Have Your Promotions  Go Viral

Content that is sent to a mobile device can easily be shared from person to person, through text messages, emails, and social media such as Face Book & Twitter to name a few. Therefore it is highly likely that your mobile campaigns can extend much further than those you initially reached, giving you larger visibility at no extra cost. This is one aspect of the incredible power of mobile marketing.

There Are Options

There are different tactics that can be implemented with mobile marketing.  This can entail the use of mobile optimized websites, mobile app marketing, and the use of QR codes. Combining theses elements makes for an incredibly effective and proven method of marketing.

It Can be Tracked

Mobile marketing has the ability to be tracked. You can see how many people have downloaded your app.  Tracking the information that your audience uses can help you learn what they want and which messages they’re more likely to open.

It doesn’t seem as if mobile devices are going anywhere, so it’s important that you realize the advantages of reaching out to your audience this way and use it to your advantage. The benefits are phenomenal, and it’s a great way to share information with your audience no matter where they are.

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